Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Niko from Azerbaijan wins a 2 week Taster Course!

I discovered the opportunity to come to John Leggott College at a careers event in Azerbaijan. John Leggott College had a competition to win a two week taster course. I was so happy when I found out that I was the winner of the John Leggott College taster course. I was overwhelmed with such great feelings. I was looking forward to coming here.

I have one word for the experience at John Leggott College, 100000 feelings! AWESOME.

I enjoy all of the subjects. I love all of them, especially maths. The maths teacher, Ian Thompson helps me when I don’t understand. I have also studied Law, English, Media, English combined and IELTS.

I am enjoying maths here at John Leggott College because when I didn’t understand a mathematical calculation in English, the teacher took his time to explain it to me. Since studying mathematics at John Leggott College for only two weeks, I have learnt a lot of new terminology.

My career goal is to be a lawyer or a diplomat. I am still undecided and John Leggott College helps with making the right decisions. I definitely think that John Leggott College can help me to achieve my career goals. I am planning on returning back to the UK next year.

The staff have been very helpful from the beginning. Emily gave me help and advice on changing my subjects on my timetable to allow me to try new things. When in the UK, I had a problem with getting money from my bank account for food, therefore the college gave me some money so I could buy my lunch. Finola gave me a map so I could find my classes easier and quicker, the college is giant!! She took me to my classes so I didn’t get lost. I am so thankful for what the International team did for me.

I would definitely recommend John Leggott College! You should come to John Leggott College. I promise you will enjoy it. It’s the best college in the world!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Read about Romanian student Mihnea's experience of lessons, host families and parsnips!

Hello! My name is Mihnea and I am from Romania. My first week at John Leggott College was great!  On my first day I thought that I would be really confused around college, not able to make any friends or get along with the host family , but I was wrong. The international team, especially Emily,  helped me feel comfortable and gave me a tour of the college. I was really impressed with the fantastic facilities and many study areas that the college has. Even on my first day I met some wonderful people and made lots of friends with whom I  talked with at  the on-campus Starbucks  during breaks.
The lessons were great. The teachers are really passionate for their subject and explain hard concepts very well , making everything seem easy.  All the lessons were interactive. Something I really liked were the big number of practical experiments and dissections which you  do in chemistry and biology.
            The most enjoyable thing till now was by far staying in Amanda’s and Dave’s house. They are very friendly and caring, and I feel like I can talk about anything with them . Also, they cook really good food. I found out that I really like parsnips, a traditional British vegetable.

At the week-end we went to Lincoln, where we visited a wonderful cathedral. After that we went to a lovely ,small  coffee shop where we had a cup of tea and ate a piece of a delicious strawberry cake.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Ziru finds he really loves Economics in his taster course...and a gift for photography!

I join the taster course in John Leggott College for a week from 9th to 13th in February. Before the taster course started, the teacher in the international team helped me a lot, especially Emily. After my arrival, I got a very good entertainment from my host– Amanda and David and they are very nice.                                      
So far, I have already try the physics, economy, maths, design, IELT and so on. My favourite one is economy. Maybe I am interested in this lesson although I haven’t taken this lesson before in China. And the teacher of economy-Jonathan is very nice and responsible to his students.

After my taster course, I will go to London. When I back to China, I will share my experience in UK included the time in John Leggott College to my family and friends. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed the time in JLC. I like the environment and the people here. I hope I can back here in September and meet you again.    

Blog by Ziru Zhou

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Read Rustam's story in English and Russian! A number 1 fan of the education (but maybe not the food!)

Hi, my name is Rustam Khasanov, and I`m from Orenburg, Russia. I`m 15 years old, I`m studying in the 8 form. I have a brother and a sister, and I have a cat called Dyinya. Also I`ve been doing karate for 7 years.

привет, меня зовут Хасанов Рустам,мне 15 лет,я учусь в 8 классе,у меня есть брат и сестра,и кошка дыня. Eще я занимаюсь каратэ 7 лет.
I`m on a taster course in John Leggott College in Scunthorpe, UK now.
Сеичас я прохожу тест курс в городке Скантфоп,Великобритания.
I`m living in Amanda Tasker`s family, she is working in John Leggott College. I enjoy staying  in host family, Amanda`s food is very delicious. I`m studying 6 subjects: maths, physics, electronics, English, chemistry and economics. Sometimes I don’t understand all the information teacher gives to me, but I always like my lessons.
я живу в семье Аманды Таскер, она работает в колледже Джон Леггот, мне нравится оставаться в хост семье, еда Аманды всегда очень вкусная.Я учу 6 предметов:Английский язык,экономику,электронику,физику,математику и химию.Иногда я понимаю не все что учитель сообщает мне,но мне всегда нравятся уроки.
One thing that I don’t like is lunch.  I can`t get any good food in college. There is very good canteen here but I don`t like food there.  But I enjoy other things. All students are very friendly, they are helping me if I ask them. The college is very beautiful, the weather is fine.
I really like this college and I recommend all people, who wants to study in Britain try this taster course.
единственная вещь которая мне здесь не нравится-ланч, в течение учебного дня невозможно найти хорошую еду. Но во всем остальном здесь очень хорошо.
все студенты очень добрые и обязательно помогут тебе если ты попросишь.Колледж очень красивый,погода замечательная.
мне очень нравится этот колледж,и я рекомендую всем кто хочет учиться в Англии,попробовать пробный курс в Джон Леггот колледже.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Read Elsevar's story: Great Education in Great Britain. Discovering the cool side of UK - Scunthorpe!

Leading up to my trip to Germany, I'm off to explore the the cool side of yet another city in Europe. This time it's Scunthorpe (United Kingdom), which if you read as much as I do, you know it's got quite a cool vibe.
I have always dreamed about visiting United Kingdom. Its all seems like yesterday not far away. I won a competition at British Council Azerbaijan (@azbritish). I've got a pretty solid plan—I hope—to discover the cool side to Scunthorpe. First, I've took part in competition. Ive checked my Facebook news feed and saw that British Council Azerbaijan shared a competition which will be on Antenn FM. During one week the competitors should answer the given questions rightly and quickly, and in final game the winner is going to win a A-Level Taster Course at John Leggott College for two weeks!

Aaaaaaaaaand YES! I am a WINNER! And i am going to the United Kingdom, babes!

When I've already got my visa and my tickets i start packing my luggage. On Saturday evening i started my long trip.

Read more -

College welcomes first student from Azerbaijan

Azery student Elsevar Muradli has been sampling the best of British Education after winning a two-week taster experience at John Leggott College.

Following an initial visit to Azerbaijan by the College’s international team in October, interest in studying in Scunthorpe has already been strong.

Elsevar has been given the opportunity to participate in lessons at the College, improve his English language skills and visit local tourist attractions during the trip, which he won over hundreds of other young people in a competition run by Araz FM.

“The college is wonderful - a lot of blocks, student union, library, computer room, gym, and so on. It is simply an amazing place to stay and study,” Elsevar said.

“At JLC I studied English, media studies, business studies, German and travel and tourism. My favourite subjects are travel and tourism and German. Travel as I am studying tourism and hotel management in Baku, and I like everything close to tourism, travelling and hotels. But German has been an added bonus to improve my language skills - I just like it.

“Scunthorpe is a little, quite lovely town where you can concentrate on your studies. I like this place.”

Elsevar was integrated into classes full of local John Leggott College students and was also able to make new friends and spend time socialising. He stayed with a teacher and even spent time at Lincoln Christmas Market.

“Last weekend my host family and I went to the Lincoln for the Christmas Market. I’ve never been to Christmas markets, and I liked it very much. We had a lot of fun,” added Elsevar.

“I think the two week life in JLC and Christmas market are the best memories for me to take home.”

Back in Azerbaijan, Elsevar is about to begin a hotel management internship.

John Leggott College Director of Liaison and Marketing Dana Walden said: “Moving to the UK for two years of college study is a big commitment and so our two-week taster course enables young people abroad to sample UK education before enrolling onto a full college programme.

“It is the first time we have run such a competition and we believe that diversifying the international learning experiences John Leggott College has to offer will enable us to generate more interest from prospective international students.

“It has been a pleasure to have Elsevar with us for two weeks and we are confident that he will go home and tell others about his experience so that we can continue to spread the word about John Leggott College’s excellence in international education.”

John Leggott College currently has 120 international students, from approximately eight different countries, who live with local host families.

Elsevar is presented with a certificate of achievement by Principal David Vasse

Monday, 23 September 2013

Certificate presentation for Alina

Certificate presentation for Alina on the final day of her Taster Course.
With International Manager Maggie, Director of Marketing Dana and host mother Amanda.
Helen, Alina and Maggie

Leggacy radio interview - Alina Savchenko

Listen to Alina's radio interview here:

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Alina visits London at the weekend

Train from Scunthorpe to London

Big Ben

Alina happy to be in London

Alina's arty photo

Alina at Trafalgar Square

London bus

Shopping in London

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge